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Robert Mondavi for Waterford Crystal Barware
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Robert Mondavi for Waterford Crystal Barware


  • Robert Mondavi by Waterford
  • Crystal
  • Each Pair from the Robert Mondavi by Waterford Collection is presented in unique packaging featuring a flap closure and delightful ribbon handle.

    A superb new collection of wine and spirits crystal stemware, Robert Mondavi by Waterford features nine varietal-specific shapes, designed with unique characteristics for each wine. Entertaining and gift giving with Robert Mondavi by Waterford is a generous expression of your good taste and high esteem for friends, family and fine wine.

    Fume/Sauvignon Blanc (Set of 2), 14 ounces
    142665 - Fume/Sauvignon Blanc (Set of 2), 14 ounces
  • 8.9" H, 14oz.
  • Recommended Wines: Bordeaux (white), Hermitage Blanc, Sauvignon-Semillon, Chasselas, Chenin Blanc, Coulee De Serrant, Gewurtztraminer, Graves Blanc, Loire (white), Pouilly-Fume, Rulander, Sancerre

    From Robert Mondavi by Waterford, the Fume / Sauvignon Blanc glass allows for the concentration of aromas towards the nose, accentuating the delicate fruit aromas of this crisp, dry, and refreshing white varietal.

    Price: $49.95

  • Pinot Noir (Set of 2), 26 ounces
    142666 - Pinot Noir (Set of 2), 26 ounces
  • 9" H, 26 oz.
  • Recommended Wines: Barolo, Barbaresco, Beaujolais Grand Cru, Blauburgunder, Echezeaux, Moulin a vent, Musigny, Nuits Saint Georges, Vosne-Romanee, Voueot

    From Robert Mondavi by Waterford, this glass balances the fruit and natural acidity of the wine, creating a unique and harmonious tasting experience.

    Price: $49.95

  • Chardonnay (Set of 2), 22 ounces
    142667 - Chardonnay (Set of 2), 22 ounces
  • 8.4" H, 22 oz
  • Recommended Wines: Albarino, Barbera, Blauburgunder, Burgundy (white), Carignan, Chablis, Chenin Blanc, Cortese, Hermitage Blanc, Marsanne, Mersault, Montrachet, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Pinto Gris, Rulander, Viognier, Corton-Charlemagne, New World Chardonnay, Pouilly Fuisse

    From Robert Mondavi by Waterford, the size of the bowl reveals the wine's true bouquet and intensity, while emphasizing and optimizing its wide range of rich aromas.

    Price: $49.95

  • Cabernet Sauvignon (Set of 2), 28 ounces
    142668 - Cabernet Sauvignon (Set of 2), 28 ounces
  • 9.6" H, 28oz.
  • Recommended Wine: Sangiovese

    From Robert Mondavi by Waterford, the shape of the cabernet Sauvignon directs the wine to the back of the mouth, elevating and enhancing the enjoyment of the wine's distinct flavors and aromas.

    Price: $49.95

  • Champagne Flute (Set of 2), 6 ounces
    142670 - Champagne Flute (Set of 2), 6 ounces
  • 9.2" H, 6oz.
  • Recommended Champagne & Sparkling Wines: Cava, Cuvee Prestige, Prosecco, Rose

    From Robert Mondavi by Waterford, the design of the flute-shaped glass accentuates Champagne's delicate bubbles, delighting both the nose and the palate.

    Price: $49.95

  • Bordeaux (Set of 2), 25 ounces
    142671 - Bordeaux (Set of 2), 25 ounces
  • 10" H, 25oz.
  • Recommended Wines: Brunello di Montalicino, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Domina, Fronsac, Graves Rouge, Listrac, Medoc, Margaux, Moulis, Pomerol, Sangiovese, Sangioveseo-Grosso, Madiren

    From Robert Mondavi by Waterford, the generous bowl allows Bordeaux to open and breathe. The gently tapered shape focuses the bouquet, while the balanced design directs the wine to the center of the palate.

    Price: $49.95

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